Photographer of the cover photo: Emile de Graaf, my friend with 5% eyesight 



Welcome to my website!


My name is May-May, mother of a grown-up son. God has asked me to send love to the world. That is why I founded the peace organization Peace SOS, in order to contribute - together with others - to peace by peaceful means. Peace SOS supports the soft forces in countries with armed conflicts. In addition, we support vulnerable people with food and help our local partner in Pakistan to set people free from modern slavery. 


Since I have been in forced hospitalization myself because I suffered from psychosis and depression, I try to help people in mental crisis as well by working as an experience expert at the Psychiatry Department of the UMC Utrecht.


Recently, Christ asked me to write the book Here I Am, which is the sequel to my earlier book Mission World Peace. I also like to pass on messages from God in the form of photography or other forms of art.  


With all what I do, I hope to convey the message of Christ. To love each other. It is time for world peace, ending hunger, taking care of vulnerable people and of nature, a worldwide nuclear ban and a ban on killer robots. Together for: "A world where all children can play."




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