Here I Am – the sequel to May-May Meijer’s book Inner Voices – is a compelling account of her episodes of depression following her first compulsory hospital admission. The diagnosis of schizophrenia, her divorce, and the little time she is able to spend with her young son combine to inflict deep wounds. Her struggle with medication results in her once again refusing to take it – to the despair of her family. The Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service make a re-appearance in her life and a second compulsory admission follows. 


In Here I Am, May-May gives a fascinating and frank insight into the world of an individual in psychological crisis. She also focuses attention on the spiritual side of psychoses, her encounter with God, and His love for everything that lives. Her deepest hope is that Here I Am can make a contribution towards world peace: a world in which all children can play. 


You can download the e-book for free at e.g. the website of Barnes & Noble. See: "Here I Am." The print version is available for print costs at the website of Amazon. It is available in the USA and should be available worldwide soon. For the free e-book you can also contact May-May. 


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A true and eloquent story of psychosis from the inside


The secret service gradually infiltrates the lush life of May-May, an ambitious scientist and mother to a young boy. Her world falls apart when she is forcibly admitted to a mental hospital, where she is diagnosed with schizophrenia. 

May-May seems to be living in two worlds: the normal world where everyone goes about their day-to-day lives, and another world – the world of the secret service. It is during this period of her life that May-May’s mission arises, which she still pursues to this day: achieving world peace. With the love and help of her family, the support of caregivers in the mental health sector, and by following her calling, May-May eventually recovers. She now wants to contribute to “A World in Which All Children Can Play”. 


This is an autobiography that gives insight into the working of the human psyche.


"A book for all those who want to learn how psychosis can be a process of finding meaning and the way towards a meaningful life" – Jim van Os, Full Professor of Psychiatry and Head of Division for Neuroscience, University Medical Center Utrecht


You can order Inner Voices via Inner Voices is published in Dutch with the title Missie Wereldvrede (Mission World Peace). 


Mission World Peace is translated in Arabic by dr. Abdulwahab Almaqaleh. The book is used amongst others by students of Psychology at the university of Sana'a in Yemen. The PDF can be obtained for free, please contact the author. May the book contribute to helping people suffering from psychosis. May it also help to contribute to peace and ending hunger in Yemen and the whole world.