2009 - present 

Gods Light

During her forced hospitalization in 2013 May-May made the photo ''Carried by the White Light''. Several years later, May-May continuous to see the Light of God and makes photos of it. She believes that God wants to empower her call for: A World in Which All Children Can Play. 



11 December 2021- 8 January 2022

The beauty of nature 

During her last hospitalization God showed May-May the beauty of nature to help her heal and to empower their joint message -  and the message of many others - to care for nature and for world peace. Here is a selection of the photos of the beauty of nature. 


Continous (no time frame) 

Cherish Life 

These photos are a tribute to Life. 


Forced Hospitalization 2013 - 2014 

God showed May-May the world through his eyes when she was in forced hospitalization. The title of the first photo is 'Carried by the White Light'. The white light reminded May-May of the song with the same name. The rose was a sign of beauty and hope, in the darkness of the patio of the closed department of the hospital. The Sint Vituskerk was hidden behind the fence, but she could catch a glimpse of it.  The goose outside near the park seemed to announce the coming of a new world. 

See for more photos of May-May's forced hospitalization in 2013-2014, and meeting with God the website of Psychosevrienden. Please note that the format of the photo's on this website differs from the original format.